With the Strike Master Survival Tool you have hundreds of fires in Each Unit!

Directions on use:

  • TO IGNITE FINE, DRY TINDER: Set tip of flint directly into tinder. Scrape firmly all the way to the end of flint rod. If tinder does not ignite right away, scrape flint consecutively 2 or 3 times. Its the last part of the flint that will ignite the tinder.
  • TO IGNITE DAMP TINDER: Shave magnesium (lighter rod) into a quarter sized pile. Place fine tinder on top of magnesium. Then scrape flint (darker rod) with a solid, firm scrape to ignite the material.
  • TO IGNITE GAS: Turn on gas, shower sparks into ignition area.

Tips on use:

  • Place tip of fire starter firmly on ground.
  • Hold scraper at an angle to the rest of the fire starter. Slanted forward. (As if you were to start a car)
  • For best results, flint bar should be touching or nearly touching tinder.
  • If scraper is lost, a knife, broken glass, chipped rock or any hard sharp edge will work in it’s place.
  • Tinder includes, dry moss, dead grass, pine needles, dry leaves, wood shavings, steel wool, cloth, paper, etc.
  • With some models, shavings from wooden handle make excellent fine and dry tinder.